About The Artist

Marlyse was born from Swiss parents in the Middle East and lived there throughout her childhood and teens.

As an adult, Marlyse lived for many years in the heart of Africa . There, she further developed her love and understanding of the cultural, social and spiritual diversity of Africa and the Orient. As she lived throughout the “Orient and the Occident” her senses became filled with the flavors so intriguingly presented by the multitude of cultures. Marlyse speaks fluently English, French, German and Arabic.

She shares the passion for the Middle East of such great artists Jean Leon Gerome, Ingres and romantic visionary Delacroix, symbolists Odilon Redon, and 20 th century modernists Matisse and Klee. Through her painting, Marlyse feels herself to be part of the great tradition “East meets West”, the artistic cultural link between the “Occident and the Orient”.

She produces most of her work in her private Laguna Beach home/studio/gallery called La Sultana, a name that evokes the fantasy and mystery.

“When I paint, I feel the joy and happiness that arise in people when viewing my art. My travels are my source of inspiration.”

Marlyse Ruess

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